Switzerland – Gubrist Tunnel: Redevelopment Plan for the 3rd Tube

In 2009 the two 3.2  km long, 2-lane tunnel tubes through the Gubrist will be renovated technically taking the form of operating and safety installations, especially with regard to replacing the lighting and adjustments to the ventilation system. A total of CHF 65 mill. (43 mill. 7) have been earmarked for the project. With work starting in March 2009, it will last until the end of the year with closures for traffic inevitable (weekdays between 8.30  pm and 5.00  am, initially in the direction of Zurich and then towards Berne as from the summer).
This intermediate project could not be put off until 2014 – the earliest point in time for commissioning the planned 3rd tube, which will have 3 lanes and will cost CHF 560 mill. (373 mill. Euro). Subsequently the 2 existing tubes of the Gubrist Tunnel will be thoroughly reconstructed. Recently the Swiss Department for the Environ-ment, Transport and Communications (Uvek) awarded the contract for the public development scheme for enlarging the Zurich North Bypass at a cost of some CHF 1 bill. (670 mill. 7); it contains the plans for the 3rd tube through the Gubrist to expand the A1 motorway between the Limmattaler Kreuz and the Zurich North hub to 2 x 3 lanes. 
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