Punta Olimpica Tunnel in Peru – the highest Tunnel in the World

The new highway project between Carhuaz-Chacas-San Luis in Peru will reduce the travel time between Carhuaz and Chacas from 9 to 2 ½ hours. This new road will pass through the new Punta Olimpica Tunnel at an altitude of 4,738 m above sea level.

Strategic Importance of the Punta Olimpica Tunnel

Peru has an imbalance in population distribution in that 54.6 % of the population is concentrated in the areas along the Pacific Ocean, while only 32 % of the population lives in the Andes highlands and 13.4 % in the Amazon tropical jungles, even though this geographic area accounts for 60 % of the national territory. Economic development also reflects this disequilibrium, due to a concentration of economic activity in the national capital. The city of Lima and its metropolitan area is home to 29 % of the total national population.

Peru has...

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