Groundwater Management for district-heating Tunnel in Copenhagen

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District heating has been selected as a source of heat in the Danish capital Copenhagen. A 4.1 km long district-heating tunnel was built, for which a German company was responsible for the groundwater management during its construction.

The people of Copenhagen can relish the thought of continuing to enjoy distance heating. Towards this end the power company Københavns Energi undertook its biggest construction project so far: setting up a 4.1 km long district-heating ­tunnel from the Amager power plant to Fredensgade in the district of Nørrebro. Today 98 % of the people of Copenhagen make use of district heating as a source of heat. 2/3rds of them obtain their district heating in the form of hot water from pipes whilst the remaining 1/3rd obtain district heating in the form of steam. In the long term steam is to be replaced...

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