The new Ebensfeld–Erfurt line:
The Brandkopf Tunnel

The twin-track Brandkopf Tunnel, with a length of 1,493 m, forms part of the 107 km long Ebensfeld–Leipzig line (featuring twenty-two tunnels totalling 41 km in length, and making up 38 % of the route), on the 500 km new/upgraded Nuremberg–Er­furt/Halle rail link, German Unity Transport Project (Ger­man abbreviation VDE) No. 8.

The Brandkopf Tunnel is located on the 3 km long section between Möhrenbach and Gehren, which includes two tunnels and two bridges. The sections immediately to the south and the north, the Silberberg Tunnel (7,391 m) and the Tragberg Tunnel (500 m), are also currently...

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