Special Event

2015 Shotcrete Conference

On January 29 and 30, 2015, the 11th Shotcrete Conference will be staged at the Alpbach Congress Centre in Tyrol; the conference will be chaired by Prof. Wolfgang Kusterle. The main aspects relate to:

Renovating Tunnels with Shotcrete

Applying Shotcrete given high Reinforcement Contents and Reinforcement Diameters

Performance Capacity and Testing of Fibre Shotcrete

Shotcrete with extremely high Temperature and Explosion Resistance

Tightness of Shotcrete Shells with sprayable Seal

Codes of Practice for Shotcrete in Germany and their Application

Shotcrete with reduced Sintering Potential

Optimal Nozzle Guidance and Nozzle Gap

Tunnel Coatings made of white Shotcrete

The conference language is mainly German although several papers will be presented in English. All lectures will be available in English as abstracts. An exhibition will accompany the conference.

The complete programme is available online.


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