Formwork Technology

7.4 km long Metro Line M4 for Budapest/H

Opened with line M1 in 1896 when the Hungarian capital celebrated its millennium, the Budapest Metro is the second oldest Underground system in Europe – after the London Underground. Since then, the Budapest Metro network has been extended by adding lines M2 and M3 to line M1 and now a fourth line – M4 – is under construction. It will be 7.4  km long and connect the Kelenföld (south Buda) und Rákospalota (eastern Pest) quarters by sub-crossing the Danube. Once M4 is in operation, the Budapest Metro network will have 42 stations and a total length of 33  km. Planned and equipped for a fully...

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EPB Shields for Building Metro Line 4 in Budapest/H

EPB Shields for Metro Line 4 in Budapest

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Flexible Formwork System for the Branich Tunnel

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