Changes: Breaking with tunnel

This issue of tunnel (1/2013) marks the end of my tenure in office as editor-in-chief. After more than 11 exciting and interesting years with tunnel that never lacked variety, I am handing over the reins to Dr. Katrin Brummermann (" >) and Manfred König (" >). Both of them will introduce themselves to you in the next issue.

I shall continue to contribute on a freelance basis (" >) as from the beginning of 2013 thus remaining a member of the tunnelling family. I shall also tackle projects in future together with the publishers and in turn with this publication so that I will be reporting on what is happening in the tunnelling world. I would be delighted if you decided to keep in touch in future and place as much trust in my successors as you have done in me in the past.

Until we meet again.


Roland Herr


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