Construction Equipment

Crawler Excavator with Circular Boom for Pilot Headings

For a pilot heading in Neckar-gemünd/D the international construction company Baresel applied a TC75 crawler excavator with circular boom made by Terex. The versatile 7.5  t compact excavator was leased for the job.

60 days of construction time was planned for the pilot heading. The breakthrough took place after only 53 days. This operation signified that these robust and reliable machines are capable of executing special assignments in extremely constricted site conditions. The TC75 was chosen because this crawler excavator can turn within a very small area without colliding with anything. The variable range of the circular boom (max. 7,720  mm) and the knickmatic system by means of which very accurate work can be carried out also proved themselves. The cab and the undercarriage of the machine also...

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