EPB Shields for Building Metro Line 4 in Budapest/H

EPB Shields for Metro Line 4 in Budapest

The Hungarian metropolis of Budapest operates the European mainland’s oldest Metro system. Currently it is being extended by a fourth Under-ground line, the 7.2 km long M4. The new Line 4 will for the first time connect the 2 parts of the city Buda and Pest separated by the Danube.

Budapest operates Europe’s second oldest Metro system and the oldest one on the mainland. Back in May 1896 on the occasion of the millennium celebrations marking a thousand years of Hungary, the first line of the Budapest Metro, the “Millennium Underground” (Millenniumi Foldalatti Vast, Line M1) was opened. A lack of experience in constructing an Underground system meant that 3.22 of the 3.68  km long first Metro line was planned and built at a depth of no more than 3  m beneath the ground surface. The remaining 460  m runs on the surface. Decades later the 2 lines M2 and M3 were constructed...

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