Construction Equipment

New Boom for compact Radius Excavator 328D LCR

At the beginning of March 2009 tunnel visited the Böblingen subsidiary of the Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH. There we met up with the 2 tunnelling specialists Martin Wurst, Mar-keting Director for Tunnelling, and Hanns Markus Renz, Pro-duct Manager for Tunnelling and Industrial Equipment. They proudly reported on the new development of a boom especially devised for tunnelling.

A tunnel excavator must take advantage of constricted space and in the process usually fulfil rigorous work for a good 24  h without a break. Generally this machine is subjected to particular strain, something that has to do with the confined conditions as well as the geology of the prevailing rock. In Böblingen a new boom has been developed for the basic unit of the compact radius excavator CAT 328D LCR, by means of which the tunnel cross-section can be worked even better. The 328D LCR with this new boom was presented to the tunnelling public for the first time in September 2008 at the IUT in...

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