New Editors

Dear Readers,

As already intimated in the last issue of tunnel and in the newsletter, we are jointly taking over the duties of Roland Herr, the long-standing editor-in-chief of tunnel, the official journal of the STUVA, as responsible editors. We want to follow up Roland Herr’s successful activities “without things grinding to a halt”.

We wish to apply our experience in fulfilling our duties:

as a civil engineer with experience in the fields of geotechnics and construction products including tunnelling as well as editor-in-chief for the “Tunnelling Compendium” and editor for specialised journals and as a networker with a mind of her own,

as a mining engineer with experience in the marketing department of a company specialising in mining and tunnelling, running a PR agency as well as editor and senior editor for trade journals from the mining and geotechnical sector.

We are looking forward with anticipation to what lies ahead in working for a renowned international publication, whose influence extends far beyond the D-A-CH countries. Many engrossing projects are being planned or under construction throughout the world. Technology is progressing. New special challenges have to be mastered: natural resources handled with care, urbanisation, demographic changes, scarce public funds and resistance to infrastructure projects. All these challenges influence tunnelling and our journal. We are committed to maintaining the traditions of tunnel as an established publication augmenting it with contemporary aspects.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can contact us at katrin.brummermann@bauverlag.de:katrin.brummermann@bauverlag.de%3C/a%3E" > and manfred.koenig@bauverlag.de:manfred.koenig@bauverlag.de%3C/a%3E" >. The Bauverlag will be present with a booth at the bauma in Munich/D in April, The World Tunnel Congress in Geneva/CH in June and at the STUVA Conference in Stuttgart/D in November. We look forward to meeting you on a personal basis there. We are eager to receive suggestions for topics, contributions and improvements as well as learning about the latest from the industry.

We trust that you will remain faithful to tunnel magazine as readers and specialised authors.

Before we sign off just a word about the social challenges: we are now fulfilling the quota: after all, one man (“Herr” in German means  “man” ) is being followed by 0.5 man and 0.5 woman. Equality is also served – in spite of royalty being present (“König” means “king” ).


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