Safety – from Tunnel Mouth to Breakthrough

A master plan exists for the restoration of the Emscher region, which has already been embarked on. Emscher cities, districts and industrial members belonging to the Emschergenossenschaft water board have decided in favour of binding plans and projects affecting the whole course of the Emscher. This includes the route for an Emscher waste water system. In future the waste water will be transported in closed channels and the river and its tributaries will gradually be transformed into natural water­ways. In this way a much maligned river will be restored. At the same time, the entire region between Holzwickede and Dinslaken will take on a new face.

The data relating to the new stormwater section are impressive. The sewer system is designed as a main collector, which is being produced at depths of some 8 to 40 m under the surface by pipe jacking. The system’s mouth is located beneath the Dortmund-Deusen clarification plant. The pipeline will run over a distance of 51 km to the mouth of the Emscher in Dinslaken. It is necessary to drive a second pipeline in sections, so that altogether a route of more than 73 km will be built. The diameter of the channel built entirely of reinforced concrete pipes or segments varies between DN 1600 by way...

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Safety – from Tunnel Mouth to Breakthrough

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