Special Cutters for Tunnel and Infrastructure Construction

The company formerly known under the name Erket from Hämbach, Germany, showed under their new name Kemroc at the STUVA-Expo in Stuttgart at the start of December. Some examples from their product range demonstrate: Kemroc special cutting attachments are effective solutions where conventional machines or processes cannot cope or are not economic. The special cutters can cut into difficult materials, where other attachments meet their match. At this year‘s specialist exhibition STUVA-Expo, Kemroc offered interested visitors information about special cutters as excavator attachments, which are used especially in tunnel and infrastructure construction. These include chain cutters of the EK (Erkator) series, which are used successfully all over the world: these have transverse cutting heads and a patented central chain with cutters between the cutting heads, and can be used to open narrow, deep trenches in hard materials like asphalt, concrete and rock, for example for utility and infrastructure works. Cutting wheels of the series SMW and DMW (Erwetor) can cut narrow slots and trenches to a cutting depth of 1000 mm – in tunnelling or above ground on demolition projects. Universal cutters of the series ES (Flexator) can be used for various cutting tasks in various materials, and are often used for the horizontal or vertical cutting of surfaces to an exact profile.


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