Book Review

Technical Delivery Conditions and Test Regulations for Doors and Gates in Road Tunnels (TL/TP TTT)

Technical Delivery Conditions and Technical Test Regulations for Doors and Gates in Road Tunnels (TL/TP TTT, Cologne: The Road and Transportation Research Association (FGSV), 2012 edition, 12 p. A4, 13.50 € (FGSV 338).

The Road and Transportation Research Association has published the TL/TP TTT for the first time. The TL/TP TTT belong to the TL/TP-ING (Delivery Conditions and Technical Test Regulations for Engineering Structures) as Part 5 “Tunnelling” Section 3 “Operating Technology”. 

The TL/TP TTT consist of the sections – general, defining terms, requirements, quality assurance and testing, documentation as well as norms and other Technical Codes of Practice. Appendix A contains a form for confirming conformance. The requirements include  general, fire protection, smoke protection, sustainability, durability, pressure and suction effect, operability, colour specification, design and dimensions.


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