The RotterdamsebaanProject in The Hague

Currently in the south-east of the Dutch capital The Hague the Rotterdamsebaan road project is being tackled at a cost of some 272 million euros, almost ten years after the Hubertus Tunnel was opened. The section to be built runs from the Ypenburg interchange to the Central Ring, passing through the communities of Leidschendam-Voorburg, Rijswijk and The Hague. After a four-and-a-half-year period of construction the roughly 3.8 km long road link is due to be opened in July 2020. Apart from two ramp structures and a 650 m long tunnel built by cut-and-cover, passing beneath the A4 motorway, an exit and the connecting arc from the A4 and A13, there are also two urban tunnel bores to be constructed, each 1.65 km long with a segmental lining.

1 General Description

1.1 Construction Project and Client

The project embraces the designing, production and servicing (Design, Build and Maintain) of the two-lane connecting route between the Ypenburg interchange located in the south and The Hague’s Central Ring (Fig. 1).

The new road section to be created is about 3.8 km in length and including the following construction phases:

Construction of a roughly 650 m long and 20 m wide tunnel by cut-and-cover, which passes beneath the A4 motorway, the A5/A13 connecting arc as well as the Laan van Hoornwijk

Creation of the 420 m long ramp structures and...

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