Wechsel in der Tunnel Redaktion/E

Dear Readers,

An eventful tunnel year is finally coming to an end. Together with Herrenknecht and Robbins we were able to celebrate special jubilees during the course of 2012. The German tunnel Forum took place in November this year in Stuttgart and Munich attended by a large circle of committed participants. It was staged jointly by the STUVA and your international trade journal tunnel with the support of 5 partners from industry. The annual tunnelling statistics provided by STUVA indicate just how the year in tunnelling 2011/2012 in Germany shaped up.  
A further change will surely interest you as an avid tunnel reader: after more than 11 exciting and interesting years with tunnel that never lacked variety, I am handing over the reins as editor-in-chief to Dr. Katrin Brummermann (Katrin-Brummermann@Bauverlag.de) and Manfred König (Manfred.Koenig@Bauverlag.de). I shall continue to contribute on a freelance basis (herrroland@t-online.de) thus remaining a member of the tunnelling family. I shall also tackle projects in future together with the publishers and in turn with this publication so that I will be reporting on what is happening in the tunnelling world. I would be delighted if you decided to keep in touch in future and place as much trust in my successors as you have done in me in the past.  
I wish you and those close to you a peaceful Xmas and a successful launch into the exciting new tunnel year.
Your Roland Herr


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