Forward Thinking

The Hanning & Kahl GmbH & Co KG was established back in 1898. “Forward thinking” represents a requirement, obligation and motivation at one and the same time. The company is unconventional and consequently extremely successful, whose technical products are used for trackbound transportation and wind energy installations.

Effective mobility concepts, efficient goods transportation, ideas for new forms of energy: the more dynamic the processes, the more attention need be paid to safety. Safety with Hanning & Kahl. The ideas and products from our company are held in high regard all...

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Issue 2013-02 Germany

German tunnel Forum 2013 in Hamburg and Berlin in September

In 2013 the German tunnel Forum will hone in on “Light, Colour and social Safety (Psychology)”. Just how much light and colour contribute to our feeling of well-being and safety is first evident...

Issue 2013-05 Events

German tunnel-Forum 2013 lights up the Dark

The STUVA and the magazine tunnel published by the Bauverlag will stage the 2nd German tunnel-Forum in autumn 2013. This series of events will concentrate on light, colour and social safety and aims...

Issue 2018-02 Rhomberg

Pedestrian Guidance System for Rail Tunnels: HandraiLIT

Safe and simple emergency lighting in rail tunnels can be a life-saver in case of an emergency. According to the manufacturer, “handraiLIT” from Rhomberg is a long-lived pedestrian guidance system,...

Issue 2011-04 Austria

White Concrete for Safety in Tunnels

In recent years ever greater demands have been placed on the surfaces of tunnel inner shells for instance with respect to their ability to be cleaned and their brightness for traffic safety reasons. ...

Issue 2013-07 Tunnel-Equipment | Led-Light

Pfänder Tunnel equipped with LED Light Concept

Almost 30,000 vehicles pass through the 6.7 km long Pfänder Tunnel each day, making it one of the busiest tunnels in Austria. Extensive redevelopment measures were undertaken during the course of the...