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On the occasion of the World Tunnel Congress Herrenknecht is presenting state-of-the-art tunnelling technology with emphasis on the Latin American region. To cope with the changing ground conditions during the construction of the metro in Rio de Janeiro, Herrenknecht supplied a Multi-mode TBM, which can be converted from open mode to closed EPB mode.Six innovative Variable Density TBMs are being used for the construction of the new metro in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). The Variable Density TBM combines the advantages of the EPB principle with those of Mixshields. The machine can switch between...

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On the occasion of the World Tunnel Congress Herrenknecht presents itself as the pioneer in mechanized tunnelling. Using Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems, modern tunnels worldwide are created safe and...


Perfect Pipeline Premiere: Herrenknecht Direct Pipe for the first Time in Canada

A smooth success right from the beginning: For the first time, a Canadian construction company has installed a pipeline using the Direct Pipe® technology from Herrenknecht. Crossing beneath the...


"IPLOCA New Technologies Award 2013" for Herrenknecht Pipe Express®

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05/2018 Czech Republic

Railway Tunnel between Rokycany and Pilsen

A convertible Herrenknecht multi-mode tunnel boring machine (Ø 9,890?mm) was used to modernize the Czech railway line between Rokycany and Pilsen. The machine excavated two tunnels, each about 4?km...


Fast and Safe through Wuxi - 8 tunnel boring machines from Herrenknecht excavated almost 16 km of tunnel in only 20 months

The machines mastered challenging tunnelling stretches with small overburdens. The last breakthrough, for the time being, was celebrated on March 3, 2013. The first two metro lines in the 3000 year...