Geodata specializes in monitoring, tunnel surveying, geotechnical instrumentation and information management. Geodata develops and distributes its own hardware and software and utilizes a broad spectrum of international partnership to form a flexible, innovative and solution-oriented supplier of both, systems and services. One of the latest deployments is the highly innovative TBM guidance system Tauros. The system combines well-tried solutions for TBM guidance with new sensor technology such as a camera measurement system and a fully automatic tail skin clearance measurement system. All information is displayed on a user friendly interface which demands very limited user interaction thus providing a higher degree of automation and safety and a lower risk of failure.


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Guided by VMT

With its guidance systems and services, VMT has been one of the leading suppliers in tunnel construction and industrial measurement for more than 20 years.

VMT is a competent, reliable partner to developers and contractors in every phase of the tunnel project. The provision of personal advice and active support and the absolute dedication of all VMT...

Issue 2015-07 Solbakk Tunnel, Norway

Amberg Navigator helps building the World’s longest sub-sea Road Tunnel

The Ryfast tunnel project, the world’s longest sub-sea road tunnel system, is situated close to Norway’s fourth largest city of Stavanger. The project consists of three tunnels: Solbakk tunnel,...

Issue 2013-07


Forward Thinking The Hanning & Kahl GmbH & Co KG was established back in 1898. “Forward thinking” represents a requirement, obligation and motivation at one and the same time. The company is...