World Tunnel Congress 2020 in Malaysia postponed from May to September 2020 due to Coronavirus

WTC 2020 will be held from 11 to 17 September in Kuala Lumpur

Due to the spreading coronavirus in Asia-Pacific and recently also in Europe, the organisers decided on 26 February to postpone the date of the ITA/AITES World Tunnel Congress 2020 and associated events in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) from 15 to 21 May 2020 to 11 to 17 September 2020.

“The health and safety of our colleagues are of the utmost importance to the ITA and IEM (the Malaysian Tunnelling Technical Group – ITA Member Nation in Malaysia)”, explained WTC 2020 Organizing Chairman Ir. Dr Ooi Teik Aun this very difficult decision. The WTC 2020 organizing committee, in cooperation with ITA, sponsors, exhibitors, lecturers, reviewers, ITA member nations, ITA working groups and committees have been working hard during the last three years for a successful World Tunnel Congress. “But after considering various possibilities, the development of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Asia-Pacific, as well as in Europe and other parts of the world, caused us to postpone the date of the WTC and associated events from 15–21 May to 11–17 September 2020.”

Although the evolution of this virus remains unpredictable at the moment, the World Health Organization recommends limiting mass gatherings for the time being. Dr Ooi Teik Aun expressed his regrets for postponing the congress: “We know that for some of you, this change of date may not be ideal; however, it seemed to us the best solution to be able to organize this major event for the entire tunnelling industry.”


Congress Venue for WTC in September Remains Unchanged

The congress venue has been secured for this change to September 2020 and the WTC 2020 organizing committee is working with the hotels and all associated venues to make all the necessary changes accordingly. “We will communicate with all to make these changes as smooth as possible. If you need specific documents, notably to change your flights and hotel booking, we will do our best to provide you with the requested documents.”

For further information, please visit the official WTC homepage or contact the organizers.


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