Rowa: involved in Tunnelling throughout the World

Each year Rowa Tunnelling Logistics invites its customers to Wangen/CH to inform them about the company’s latest developments. At the end of September 2009 it was made evident that the company’s extensive experience in the field of tunnelling equipment as well as plant manufacturing is increasingly being used in sectors on the surface. Focussing on mechanised equipment for tunnelling something that has been actively pursued since the firm was set up is experiencing a new lease of life. Interesting applications throughout the world were reported on in detailed papers and project presentations.

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Issue 2010-04 Spain

Pumped Storage Power Plant La Muela II

The inclined shaft for the La Muela II project has been driven by a highly mechanised drill+blast installation since April 2010. Rowa’s newly developed innovation completed for enlarging the pumped...

Issue 2016-06 Drill and Blast

Sandvik Drilling Jumbo DT1131-SC

Approximately 20 km south of Innsbruck, near the town of Steinach am Brenner, the Wolf 2 construction lot and access tunnel of the same name are situated. The Wolf access tunnel, one of the most...

Issue 2012-04 Austria

Brenner Base Tunnel: Exploring the Periadriatic Seam

As from late 2011 a roughly 2 km long tunnel is being driven to explore the largest Alpine fault zone, the Periadriatic Seam, as part of the 64 km long Brenner Base Tunnel project. It will take some 2...

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Project Power Plant Linthal 2015

Already today, the facilities of the power plant Linth-Limmern (KLL) with a drainage basin of 140 km² make an important contribution to the electricity supply of Switzerland. The extension project...

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Construction Progress at the Brenner Base Tunnel

Start of Tunnelling Works at South Exploratory Tunnel On 29 March 2019 tunnelling work for the fourth drilling of Lot H51 Pfons–Brenner began on the south exploratory tunnel, marked by a drilling...