Monitoring the Infrastructure while Working under Railway Tracks

Special regulations have to be observed with regard to safe railway operation while carrying out work such as pipe-jacking or tunnelling under railway tracks. Towards this end, what is known as safetoring must be undertaken by means of a suitable measuring system and method. Safetoring is (deformation) monitoring with directly coupled measurement data evaluation so that the existing track position and the availability of the infrastructure can be assessed at any time, thus enabling direct intervention in the railway and construction activities should the limit or alarm values be exceeded.

1 Complexity of the Measuring Task

In the tunnel reports on microtunnelling “Special Requirements for Pipe-Jacking under Railway Tracks” [1] and monitoring “Undertunnelling Railway Tracks at the Metzberg Tunnel” [2], the complex provisions and assignments to ensure the safe construction of the infrastructure and that the tracks were safe to operate during train services were examined in detail. This represents a basic commitment on the part of the railways commensurate with the General Railway Act (AEG) [3] § 4 in conjunction with the Railway Construction and Operation Ordinance (EBO) [4] § 2,...

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