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The international forum for tunnels and infrastructure is to take place from 24 to 26 November 2021 at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre. At the beginning of December, STUVA therefore wrote to its members and asked them to submit proposals for the lecture series on tunnel construction and tunnel operation/planning.

As usual, it is the exclusive right of STUVA members to submit lecture proposals to the STUVA conference. The Call for Papers has therefore been sent exclusively to members of STUVA e. V. and in each case only to the designated member representative. But of course all employees of our members are invited to submit interesting topics. The lecture series is divided into two segments, "Tunnelling" and "Tunnel Operation/Planning", with a total of more than 60 specialist lectures. The specialist lectures can, for example, be on the following main topics: Current developments in underground construction, major international projects, safety in the construction and operation of tunnels, exploration, planning, construction, new guidelines and regulations, innovative safety concepts, safety equipment, retrofitting, modernisation, risk management, tunnel management, maintenance, refurbishment, research, mechanised tunnelling, construction methods in difficult ground, sustainability, energy production and use, economic efficiency, drafting of contracts, financing, tunnel control technology, behaviour of road users, lighting and escape guidance systems, fire protection, fire detection. As we provide simultaneous translation, we are also happy to accept presentations in English from English-speaking speakers.


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