Undertunnelling Tracks for the Metzberg Tunnel

Executing a tunnel drive beneath an existing railway line allows the tracks very little room for settling. The excavation must be devised in keeping with these marginal conditions. Furthermore, continuous checking of the track settlement must be assured for control purposes. By installing a corresponding monitoring system, it is possible for the driving operations to be monitored permanently by all those involved and adapted to the given situation.

1 The Project in General

The upgraded Hanau­–Nantenbach line is part of the roughly 112 km long Main-Spessart route between Hanau and Würzburg. As this section has to cope with more than 200 trains per day, it is numbered among the busiest routes on the Deutsche Bahn network. By developing the route, it is intended to establish an efficient and fast link between the Rhine-Main District and Würzburg as well as the Region of Franconia in the years ahead. The core of this scheme is represented by the Schwarzkopf Tunnel bypass link between Laufach and Heigenbrücken. In this section, a more than 160...

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