Projektbericht | Project Report

Kerenzerberg Road Tunnel Safety Gallery

The 5.7 km long Kerenzerberg Road Tunnel on the A3 national road is undergoing a safety upgrade and maintenance 35 years after it was opened. A key element of this maintenance is the new construction of a parallel safety gallery. The standard cross section of the safety gallery is characterised by combined usage as a service tunnel with an escape tunnel as well as an exhaust duct.

Baumaschinen | Construction Equipment

Metro Tunnel in Nuremberg Excavated With Cutter

A Kemroc KR 165 rotary drum cutter in combination with a heavy special Liebherr R 960 tunnel excavator became one of the key machines in Nuremberg for driving metro tunnels. Alternating with a classic...

Technische Ausstattung | Technical Equipment

Adaptation Lighting for Road Tunnels

When it comes to traffic safety in a tunnel, optimal lighting makes a big difference. To enable the human eye to adapt to the vastly different lighting conditions outside and inside, it’s essential...

Risikomanagement | Risk Management Risk Management in Major Tunnelling Projects – Part 3

Creating Incentive Mechanisms for Integrated Project Delivery

Due to their organisational structure and contracts, conventional project delivery models reach their limits in complex large-scale construction projects. In this context, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is an alternative regarding a joint project realisation...