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Tunnelling in Germany: Statistics (2018/2019),Analysis and Outlook

For 40 years the STUVA has carried out a survey of tunnelling in Germany. Annually collected from clients, construction companies and designers are regularly published in consolidated form. An assignment prompted by a corresponding request from the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association [1].

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Herrenknecht

Projects that go down in history. German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel reiterated this during her visit at the Herrenknecht AG on October 7, 2019. On a tour of the plant premises, company founder and...

STUVA Conference 2019

2019 – the Success Number for STUVA

2019 is the success number of the STUVA Conference in Frankfurt am Main: 2019 regular tickets … in the year 2019? Surely someone must have "rounded" that? Let's be straight now.