Ceneri Base Tunnel: Current Construction Status and Prospects

The NRLA Gotthard Axis consists, in addition to the Gotthard Base Tunnel, of the 15 km long Ceneri Base Tunnel, the two single-track bores of which are to be augmented by bifurcation structures which will permit additional traffic links. Construction is well advanced; lining installation is already proceeding in parallel to tunnel-heading work, in order that, despite the difficult geological conditions, the still ambitious time-schedule can be met. The following article was part of the 2015 Swiss Tunnel Congress lecture programme.

1 Description of the Project

By creating the first virtually level rail route through the Alps, the NRLA opens up exciting new perspectives for rail transport. Freight can then be transported efficiently and with low environmental impact by rail; passenger travelling times will be drastically shortened. The core engineering works comprising the NRLA axis at the Gotthard consist of two base tunnels, the 57 km long Gotthard and the 15 km long Ceneri rail tunnels. The Gotthard Base Tunnel is to open to traffic in 2016, while excavation work on the Ceneri Base Tunnel is now well advanced, and work...

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