GKI Hydroelectric Power Plant Project: Technical and contractual Challenges

In the border region between Switzerland and Austria, the largest hydroelectric run off river power station in the Alps, is being built in Engadine and in Tyrol on the upper reaches of the river Inn. With a 23 km headrace tunnel and a dam construction site directly on the border, apart from the technical challenges, there are also cross-border issues which have to be resolved. This article was part of the conference programme at the Swiss Tunnel Congress 2018.

1 Introduction

In the most easterly point in Switzerland in the Lower Engadine and in Oberes Gericht in Tyrol, southwest Austria, the cross-border hydroelectric power station project “Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Inn” (GKI) is currently being built on the river Inn. This project extends over the local authority of Valsot in Switzerland and through seven local authorities in Austria. Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Inn GmbH, is acting as the client, and is a company in which TIWAG Tiroler Wasserkraft AG holds 86 % and Engadiner Kraftwerke AG 14 % of the shares. This hydroelectric power station on the upper Inn...

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