Marieholm Tunnel – Immersed Tunnel in Gothenburg

The Marieholm Tunnel in Gothenburg is a road tunnel with three lanes per direction and an evacuation tunnel. It is devised for more than 100 years service life and is to be built as an immersed tunnel just like the 300 m long, two-track Söderström Tunnel. Towards this end, three part-sections each 100 m in length are constructed in a dry dock and then submerged in a trench excavated on the riverbed. The tunnel sections at both sides of the River Göta älv are produced in deep construction trenches by means of cut-and-cover. The construction contract also includes all technical installations as well as servicing the almost 500 m long tunnel for a period of five years after it becomes operational. This is planned for late 2020. The Züblin Scandinavia AB/Boskalis JV was commissioned to plan and build the Marieholm Tunnel. The Swedish Transport Administration, Trafikverket, is calculating with total costs of some 170 million euros. ⇥G.B.


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