Marmaray Project with Bosporus Tunnel in Istanbul/TR – immersed Tunnel

The Ottoman rulers dreamed of a rail tunnel beneath the Bosporus as far back as 1860. More than 150 years later at the end of this year, this vision of linking the European part of Turkey with its Asian pendant underground will be accomplished.

Whereas other metropolises display concern that their commuter transportation systems might suddenly come to a halt, this situation is a daily one in Istanbul. Even on normal weekdays, it is advisable to schedule more than 90 minutes outside the rush hour for a distance, which is comparable with say travelling from Spandau and Friedrichshain in Berlin. Public commuter transportation, in spite of the ambitious manner in which it is being developed at present, can be described as practically non-existent for a city of this category. There is an urban transit line, which at some point transforms...

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