Tunnel Strengthening against the Effects of Excavating

The objective of the AKE Abwasserkanal Emscher infrastructure project is to transfer sewage by underground means in the future in appropriately dimensioned conduits through the German Ruhr District to the clarification plants, and to revitalize the river Emscher. The pipeline networks in the neighbouring towns and cities have to be adapted to link up with the roughly 50 km long main interceptor. In Gelsenkirchen, tunnels belonging to the urban transit system are also affected by the sewage construction. The tunnels were planned and built during the 1970s, taking expected influences resulting from mining into consideration. These influences led to special designs for the tunnels, which represent particular general conditions for their strengthening.


The transformation of the Ruhr District from a coal and steel location to a modern region for science, industry and services is accompanied by the new development of old industrial centres and the recultivation of large areas of the changing region. In this way, its attractiveness and competitiveness vis-à-vis other regions is to be enhanced so that structural change can successfully forge ahead.

The AKE Abwasserkanal Emscher (Emscher Sewage Canal) has been an essential infrastructural project in this overall context in recent years [1]. The aim of this project is to transfer...

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