Tunnelling for the XFEL Research Project

Building the 5.78 km long tunnel network for the XFEL (X-Ray Free-Electron Laser) research project extends over 3.4 km from Hamburg-Bahrensfeld to Schene­feld in the Pinneberg district of Schleswig-Holstein. In mid-2012 the 11 sections for the underground facility were completed according to schedule – at a cost of around 240 million euros and altogether more than 1 billion euros for the new international research centre, one of Germany’s largest scientific projects.

As from 2015 laser-type X-ray flashes are to be produced, providing a completely new insight into the nanocosmos: up to 27,000...

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Issue 2011-02 Switzerland

Gotthard Base Tunnel wins International Tunnelling Award

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Issue 2019-02

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