Design, Construction and BIM Application at the Albvorland Tunnel

The present article offers interesting insights into the tunnel structures in the Alb foreland (Albvorland Tunnel, Kleine Wendlinger Kurve, goods train link) and the fundamental application of BIM (Building Information Modeling) method for the implementation of the complex tunnel project.

1 Introduction

The Albvorland project section has a total length of about 14.9 km. This section of the new Wendlingen–Ulm highspeed railway comprises the planning approval sections 2.1 a/b and 2.1 c (Fig. 1). One of the most prominent structures in this section is the Albvorland Tunnel, which runs from west to east with a total distance of about 8.2 km.

After crossing the River Neckar and the Neckartalbahn railway line, the single-track Wendlinger Kurve branches off to the south (Fig. 2) and connects the new line with the existing line 4600 (Neckartalbahn) in the direction of Tübingen. This...

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