WTC 2014 – Brazil receives the World Tunnelling Community

Brazil and the Brazilian Tunnelling Committee are getting ready for receiving the biggest congress on tunnelling, the World Tunnel Congress. The 2014 edition will be held in Iguassu Falls, Brazil. There will be space and opportunity for the interchange of technical information, for the divulgation of new products and services and for the creation or strengthening of relations among the participants. The underground works will be the centre of all – and everything related to this area.

Brazil and its South American neighbours currently offer several business and technical exchange opportunities. There are projects ongoing in the region that are unique in the world, by virtue of characteristics and the challenges they represent. An example is the tunnel under the Andes, between Argentina and Chile.

The Theme – Tunnels for a better Life

The surface is a noble area that should be mostly used for the benefit of human beings. In big cities, however, there is not enough space at the surface to construct everything the population needs and wants. This is an evidence of the importance of tunnels in our lives. The underground space can be used for transportation or storage, for instance, saving the surface for nobler uses, such as parks and the development of the cities.

The tunnel culture is already popular in European countries, North America and some Asian countries, but not yet in Latin America. The WTC 2014 comes at an important moment of development in South American countries. Latin American technical community must show authorities the applications tunnels can have and how they can improve the population’s quality of life.

WTC2014 will start to receive abstracts on 1st of May 2013. The abstracts should refer to the congress main topics: site investigation and monitoring, planning and design of underground structures, learning from case histories, tunnels and underground structures for mining, tunnels and underground structures for hydropower schemes, tunnels and underground structures for storage, tunnel operation, safety, maintenance, rehabilitation, renovation and repair, innovations in mechanized tunnelling, innovations in conventional tunnelling, innovations in cut and cover excavations and in immersed tunnelling, innovations in materials, design and construction of shafts, risk management, contractual and insurance aspects and rock tunnelling in South America.

The Venue – Iguassu Falls

Venue of the 2014 WTC, Iguassu Falls has, year after year, attracted more and more international events. What brings light to the city and the region is the exceptional interest of people from around the world in the unique beauty of its falls and the astonishing diversity of its fauna and flora. It is in this scenario of dazzling natural beauty that the WTC 2014 will take place.

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