The Robbins Company

With over 60 years of experience, The Robbins Company is one of the world’s foremost developer and manufacturer of advanced underground construction machinery. Innovative concepts keep expanding the company’s scope, from efficient TBM assembly methods to high-performance machine designs resulting in landmark performances in soft ground and hard rock. Robbins is a total supply company, offering the complete tunneling solution, supplying everything from the TBM to all supporting components, such as cutters, conveyors, field service personnel and technical support. With major projects currently underway throughout the world, Robbins continues to lead the tunneling industry in innovation and partnership.


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Ausgabe 08/2009 EPB Technology

EPB Technology opens up the soft ground Tunnelling Range

EPB design and assembly are governed by multiple variables, no matter the machine diameter – a sentiment that rings true for a large Robbins EPB TBM currently being assembled at Mexico City’s new...

Ausgabe 01/2021 USA

Weiterführung der Marke Robbins durch Global TBM Company

Im Februar 2021 gab die von Tunnelbauunternehmer Lok Home neu gegründete „Global TBM Company“ den Kauf von praktisch allen Vermögenswerten von The Robbins Company bekannt. Die Global TBM Company...

Ausgabe 08/2010

New Ground Support gains Traction in China

More than eight hours away from the nearest city sits China’s Qinling Mountain, part of a range soaring up to 3,767 m high. About halfway up the mountainside is the jobsite for the Qinling Rail...

Ausgabe 03/2011

Double Shield TBM for Indian Water Tunnel

Project Background Eastern areas of India’s Andhra Pradesh state receive only 20 cm of rainfall per year - an amount comparable to Africa’s Kalahari Desert. The Andhra Pradesh Irrigation Department...

Ausgabe 08/2012 The Robbins Company

60 Years of Tunnelling

In June 2012 the Robbins Company celebrated at the NAT 2012 (North American Tunnelling Conference) in Indianapolis, Indiana/USA 60 years of Tunnelling. Taking this chance, Lok Home found time for an...