Tradecc is one of the leading international manufacturers of construction chemicals for the tunnel industry. As a contractor and through its partners, Tradecc is involved in major underground infrastructure projects worldwide, like tunnels and subways. Tradecc offers a wide range of resin based materials for water sealing, temporary soil conditioning, permanent soil stabilization and conditioning agents used by EPB shield TBMs during excavation of a tunnel. Other materials that are manufactured by Tradecc and which were used in numerous infrastructure projects are its carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) systems for the exterior reinforcements of structures and its innovative waterproofing polyurea coating.


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Ausgabe 08/2009 EPB Technology

EPB Technology opens up the soft ground Tunnelling Range

EPB design and assembly are governed by multiple variables, no matter the machine diameter – a sentiment that rings true for a large Robbins EPB TBM currently being assembled at Mexico City’s new...

Ausgabe 03/2011

Double Shield TBM for Indian Water Tunnel

Project Background Eastern areas of India’s Andhra Pradesh state receive only 20 cm of rainfall per year - an amount comparable to Africa’s Kalahari Desert. The Andhra Pradesh Irrigation Department...