New Ebensfeld-Leipzig Line: Main Drive for the Silberberg Tunnel

The 107 km long Deutsche Bahn AG new line from Ebensfeld to Leipzig is part of the new and upgraded route from Nuremberg to Berlin, the German Unity Transport Project No. 8, which will become operational in 2017. In this way travelling time from Munich to Berlin will be reduced to roughly 4 h from its present 6 h. The new route possesses 22 tunnels with an overall length of some 41 km accounting for 34  % of the route.

Silberberg Tunnel

The 7,391 m long, two-track Silberberg Tunnel is the second longest on the route. It passes through the northern part of the Thuringian slate uplands and...

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New Ebensfeld-Erfurt Rail Route: Breakthrough of 3 further Tunnels

On November 29, 2011 the break- through of the Silberberg Tunnel in the Thuringian Forest was accomplished. With a length of 7,391 m it is the second longest tunnel structure on the Nuremberg-Berlin...

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The new Ebensfeld–Erfurt line: The Brandkopf Tunnel

The twin-track Brandkopf Tunnel, with a length of 1,493?m, forms part of the 107?km long Ebensfeld–Leipzig line (featuring twenty-two tunnels totalling 41?km in length, and making up 38?% of the...

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New Ebensfeld-Erfurt Rail Route: Eierberge Tunnel

The two-track Eierberge Tunnel with a length of 3,756 m is a part of the new line between Ebensfeld and Leipzig (with a total of 22 tunnels, altogether 41 km long accounting for 38 % of the route). It...

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The 4847 m long Steinbühl Tunnel and the 8806 m long Boßler Tunnel, both with single-track bores, are part of the 14.5 km long Albaufstieg 2.2 planning approval section, which is an element of the...

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Breakthrough at Bleßberg Tunnel

The 8,314 m twin-track long Bleßberg Tunnel is the longest on the new Ebensfeld-Erfurt rail route – German Unity Rail Project No. 8 (VDE 8.1) and once commissioned will be the third longest...