GIPO is a key part of the major TELT project

The large-scale TELT (Tunnel Euralpin Lyon-Turin) project involves the construction of a new high-speed train link between Lyon in France and Turin in Italy; this train link is intended to be used for freight and passenger trains. The section of this new link that crosses the border between France and Italy is now under construction. It covers 65 km from the Maurienne Valley to Susatal and primarily consists of the 57.5 km long Mont Cenis Base Tunnel. The binational company TELT was awarded the contract to construct the transport infrastructure and, in future, will also take charge of the operation of the infrastructure as part of the trans-European transport network (TEN-V).
With the award of lot 3 / CO 08 of the construction work on the Mont Cenis Base Tunnel to the consortium GIE de l'Arc (consisting of Implenia in partnership with NGE, Itinera and Rizzani de Eccher), GIPO is also involved in this construction project. Lot 3 starts from the portal tunnel face at Villard-Clément.

An important element of lot 3 is the jaw crushing plant GIPOSTAT B 1370. The heart of this stationary GIPO plant with electric drive is the jaw crusher B 1370. The excavated material is transported to the portal by wheel loader / dumper and temporarily stored under cover. Due to the rapidly changing geology, the composition of the excavated material varies significantly. There are zones with pipe-roofing, a secured tunnel face and hard rock zones. The pre-crushing plant has been configured appropriately to be able to process these materials.
With a large apron conveyor feed, the material is passed from its temporary storage directly to the crushing plant. The apron conveyor transports the material to a three-stage, 5 m long pre-screening machine. The significantly varying materials are pre-classified using this screening machine and agglutinations prevented. All oversize material is routed directly to the jaw crusher and crushed. In this way the known advantages of a jaw crusher, such as a low fine portion, low wear costs and little dust production can be exploited to the full.

During design, particular attention was paid to the anchor rods from securing the tunnel face. For this purpose, a conveying channel was provided at the crusher outlet; this channel routes the rods to the discharge conveyor. The anchor rods are sorted from the material conveyed using a large permanent magnet above the conveyor belt. The magnet was installed above the conveyor belt discharge in the conveying direction to obtain the best effect: the pieces of ferrous metal can be removed without a direction change and the material to be conveyed passes on to the next conveyor belt.

The core of the pre-crushing plant was adopted from a previous project in a retrofit. As such this plant has now been providing its valuable services since 2015.

GIPO is proud to be an essential part of the large-scale Lyon-Turin project and to contribute its experience and knowledge during this undertaking.

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