Kerenzerberg Road Tunnel Safety Gallery

The 5.7 km long Kerenzerberg Road Tunnel on the A3 national road is undergoing a safety upgrade and maintenance 35 years after it was opened. A key element of this maintenance is the new construction of a parallel safety gallery. The standard cross section of the safety gallery is characterised by combined usage as a service tunnel with an escape tunnel as well as an exhaust duct.

1 Introduction

The Kerenzerberg Road Tunnel is part of the A3 national road and is located within the region of the Canton of Glarus, between the Weesen and Murg junctions. In 1986 the tunnel measuring 5691 m was released for traffic (towards Chur) and has not experienced any major maintenance work since then. In order to adapt the Kerenzerberg Road Tunnel to the guidelines and standards applicable today, the road tunnel is undergoing a safety upgrade and maintenance. The key element of the maintenance measures is the new construction of a parallel safety gallery.

2 Design
2.1 Route Alignment...

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