A.S.T. Bochum GmbH

Partner to the construction industry: Tunnelling, microtunnelling, special civil engineering, freezing engineering and other...

Industry supplier: Machine technology, agricultural engineering, municipal technology ... Fittings, hoses, tunnel equipment and technical equipment for various media: Concrete, water, compressed air, bentonite and others ...

STUVA Expo 2021 | Halle 1, Stand D137

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A.S.T. Bochum GmbH

A.S.T. Bochum is your specialized supplier for Tunnelling, Microtunnelling and HDD Drilling sites. Our product range includes pipes, hoses and fittings for concrete, water and compressed air. All...

Issue 07/2011 RWTH Aachen: new special focuses

Tunnelling and Geotechnics as Master Courses in Civil Engineering

The former diploma course at the RWTH in civil engineering has now also been replaced by the consecutive Bachelor/Master course of studies. The Master course was first introduced for the winter...

Issue 04/2011 Planning Aid

Tunnel Engineering 2011

Untertiteltext Englisch

Compendium of Tunnel Technology, Planning Aid for Tunnel Construction. Publisher: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geo­technik (DGGT), Essen. 35th year of publication; 454 pages, DIN A6, with 214...

Issue 01/2022 Germany

Bung-PEB: New Member in the Management Team and Expansion of Business Areas

In early 2022, Dr.-Ing. Carsten Peter has become a member of the management team at Bung-PEB Tunnelbauingenieure. Carsten Peter graduated in civil engineering from the Ruhr University Bochum in 1996....

Issue 02/2018 A.S.T. Bochum

Just-in-time means „Immediately“

Just-in-time delivery of materials and products has long been an everyday requirement in many fields of business. What this means for the working process, how much logistic work and what preparations...