Forward Thinking

The Hanning & Kahl GmbH & Co KG was established back in 1898. “Forward thinking” represents a requirement, obligation and motivation at one and the same time. The company is unconventional and consequently extremely successful, whose technical products are used for trackbound transportation and wind energy installations.

Effective mobility concepts, efficient goods transportation, ideas for new forms of energy: the more dynamic the processes, the more attention need be paid to safety. Safety with Hanning & Kahl. The ideas and products from our company are held in high regard all...

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Issue 07/2013 Tunnel-Equipment | Led-Light

Pfänder Tunnel equipped with LED Light Concept

Almost 30,000 vehicles pass through the 6.7 km long Pfänder Tunnel each day, making it one of the busiest tunnels in Austria. Extensive redevelopment measures were undertaken during the course of the...

Issue 06/2022 Austria

Conversion of Klagenfurt Bypass Tunnels to LED Lighting

In November, Austria‘s ASFINAG (Motorway and Expressway Financing Joint-Stock Company) launched the installation of state-of-the-art LED tunnel lighting along a total of 11 km of the Klagenfurt...

Issue 05/2009 Conferences

5th International Congress on Traffic and Safety in Road Tunnels

The International Congress on Traffic and Safety in Road Tunnels was held in Hamburg for the fifth time. Pöyry Infra Traffic stages the congress as a platform for an exchange of experience among...

Issue 05/2022

Adaptation Lighting for Road Tunnels

Planning a road tunnel represents a special case from the standpoint of light calculation software and the planning of lighting design. Although lighting equipment is usually planned for night-time...


Energy-Saving Programme: Tunnels of the Klagenfurt Bypass To Be Converted to LED Lighting

Gradual Conversion of All ASFINAG Tunnels in Austria Diese Technologie, die von der ASFINAG schrittweise in allen 166 Tunnel des österreichischen Autobahn- und Schnellstraßennetzes eingesetzt wird,...