ZERNA Planen und Prüfen

Underground route alignments for developing road and rail networks represent a decisive prerequisite for solving transportation problems. They enable traffic to flow directing it to where it is required. Tunnels cater for relief that makes itself evident on a daily basis in built-up areas and regarding surface traffic.

The need for intelligent and future-oriented concepts for supply and disposal is growing in cities and built-up areas. Whether it’s a new building, a conversion or a redevelopment: underground structures place high demands on construction technology, which we counter with...

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Issue 03/2017 Seminar, June 21–22

Protection against Vibration and secondary Noise Immissions in Rail Traffic

Under the aegis and participation of Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Krüger of STUVA the Technical Academy Esslingen is staging a seminar on “Protection against Vibration and secondary Noise Immissions in Rail...

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Tunnelling and Underground Works in Hungary

Welcome dear participants to the ITA-AITES World Tunnel Congress 2009, dear professional readers and colleagues. Part of it entails paying a visit to the Hungarian Republic, which is situated in...

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Prof. Jenny Yan about Tunnelling in China

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Tunnelling Market in Finland

The history of rock engineering dates back some 6,000 years. It has since progressed in a number of waves, the first of which was prehistoric Man’s search for shelter from the elements and refuge...

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5th Munich Tunnelling Symposium: BIM and Sustainability in Tunnelling

The 5th Munich Tunnelling Symposium was organised on 3 June 2016 by the development association for structural engineering of the University of the Bundeswehr (UniBW) Munich together with the Research...