Innovative services in the tunnel door and gate sector

With focus on new, innovative products, the Elkuch Group is taking a decisive step towards the future. The merging of the international railway and road tunnel segments at the headquarters in Bendern, Liechtenstein, is driven forward by a dynamic team.

Tunnel 4.0

Also the tunnel sector is not exempted from BIM and digitalisation. Efficient logistics as well as regulated maintenance are the goal.
In close cooperation with Siemens, Elkuch is developing a concept for doors and gates in the field of Tunnel 4.0 (digitalisation in tunnels).
Elkuch's vision: digital monitoring of the door, which sends information about the current status of the system. After evaluating the data, software decides in what condition the door element is in and when maintenance is required. This type of monitoring can already start in the planning phase, supports the installation and then moves on to the services.
With key figures during operation, maintenance intervals can be optimised, thus saving time and costs.

Slide-in module

Tunnel builders know how complex logistics and installation in tunnels can be. Elkuch has risen to this challenge and is taking a completely new approach with the slide-in module.
The slide-in module makes it possible to install doors on the cross-cut concrete element outside the tunnel. After placing the entire element (concrete wall and mounted door), the installation is completed in the shortest possible time. This saves time and manpower in the tunnel itself. Other elements for ventilation, cables, etc. can also be incorporated into the concrete element and installed in advance.

Pressure-neutral door

Due to the overpressure in cross passages, the opening of swing doors is always a challenge and requires more force. In the event of an incident, the overpressure can make it impossible to open the door.
With the pressure-neutral door, the issues of opening forces solve themselves. With the third generation of the door, the Elkuch system is ready for the international market. The door can be operated with a minimum opening force at any time, even when ventilation is in operation. The advantages are obvious: no power required - maximum safety - reliable.

Fire protection material

Fire protection in tunnels is a key factor. It is crucial for the safety of people in the event of an incident. For this reason, Elkuch pays special attention to it and makes no compromises when it comes to safety. By developing its own fire protection material, Elkuch is able to ensure quality at all times during production.
The fire protection concept has now proven and established itself in various products. For example, the sliding door with mentioned fire protection material is rated EI2 120.