UpSafety Project

In October 2009 the “UpSafety” project sponsored by the European Union within the scope of the “Civil Protection Prevention and Preparedness” programme started with participation of the STUVA. The project is aimed at improving rescue and civil protection measures in underground facilities (road tunnels, Underground rail facilities and underground parking facilities) by means of targeted drills.

Concerted intervention by various emergency forces (e.g. the control centre of the operator, operating staff, local fire brigade, rescue services, police, representatives of authorities) is of decisive importance should a critical incident or accident occur. In order to coordinate the activities of all those involved effectively a multi-disciplinal approach is essential. This is called for e.g. in the EU Directive 2004/54/EC, however it often cannot be properly put into practice. Coordinated and effective collaboration can first be assured through training carried out under realistic conditions with all those involved. The analysis of previous emergency scenarios has in particular identified communication between the emergency services deployed as a critical factor.

In the UpSafety project so-called ETE programmes (Edu-cation-Training-Exercise) for road tunnels, Metro stations and underground parking facilities are developed taking all those involved into consideration. A 3-stage concept consisting of education, training and then practical exercises is developed for practical scenarios. Apart from the educational angle, conventional and digital teaching material, a virtual reality tool is also used in the UpSafety project. In this way the outcome of practical exercises is made use of in theoretical training.

On the basis of its many years of experience in the field of safety of underground public commuter facilities the STUVA has taken charge of the “Metro Stations” sector.

The project lasts 2 years from October 2009 till October 2011. In addition to the STUVA 5 further partners from the Nether-lands, Belgium and Spain are involved:

■ Province Zeeland (NL) as project coordinator

■ Fire Service Gent (B)

■ Westerschelde Tunnel (NL)

■ Amberg Infraestructuras SA (E)


Details on the UpSafety project can be found by accessing


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