Project Power Plant Linthal 2015

The heading equipment for a 4 km long inclined shaft at the project power plant Linthal 2015, consisting of a tunnel boring machine with 8 m diameter and a back-up installation of 160 m length, requires extraordinary qualifications from the equipment manufacturer.

Already today, the facilities of the power plant Linth-Limmern (KLL) with a drainage basin of 140 km² make an important contribution to the electricity supply of Switzerland. The extension project Linthal 2015 will optimize the existing facilities and increase KLL’s performance by 1000 MW turbine output and 1000 MW pumping capacity. The total investment for the construction amounts to approx. 2.1 Bill. CHF. With KLL, Axpo’s participation amounts to 85 %, the participation of the canton of Glarus to 15 %.

The new power plant level of the KLL is based on a plan to pump water from the Limmernsee...

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