Bühl Tunnel: Findings from the Drive and Establishing the Concrete Recipe for the Inner Shell with PP Fibre Concrete

The Bühl Tunnel in Siegen is a single-bore road tunnel totalling 525 m in length. The tunnel was largely produced by mining means close to buildings and a rail tunnel dating back to the 19th century that is still operational. Adhering to the permissible vibration values when blasting represented an important criterion during the excavation work.

Within the framework of a pilot project sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) and the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) a vaulted inner shell consisting of concrete with the addition of polypropylene fibres (PP fibres) was applied in a road tunnel in Germany for the first time.

The pilot project was intended to show that the production and installation of PP fibre concrete with the necessary quality is possible under site conditions.

The construction work for the Bühl Tunnel was awarded to Ed. Züblin, Stuttgart in September 2011. 32 months was earmarked for the roughwork.

Project Description

At present the main traffic artery in the south of Siegen is formed by the B 62. The traffic on this federal road is greatly hampered by traffic lights and a large number of junctions and intersections. Thanks to the planned southern route end section of the B 54/62n...

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