Colombia: Calarcá-Cajamarca Tunnel

The Calarcá-Cajamarca Tunnel is located in central Colombia, connecting the departments of Tolima and Quindío, across the central Andes. The tunnel is part of the Bogota-Buenaventura Corridor. The Corridor is 503 km in length. The project is scheduled to lead to a major improvement of the Columbian highway infrastructure.


The Calarcá-Cajamarca Tunnel is part of the 503 km long Bogota-Buenaventura Corridor and is located in central Colombia, connecting the departments of Tolima and Quindio, across the central Andes. The total cost of the project is around $ 330 million.

The project entails building a unidirectional tunnel of approximately 8.65 km in length and producing the second lane between the city of Calarcá (Quindío) and the Americas interchange as well as a second lane between the interchange at the Bermellon ramp and the city of Cajamarca (Tolima).

The Bogota-Buenaventura Corridor project will...

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