Austria / Brenner Base Tunnel

Completion of Ventilation Shaft

Both during the construction phase as well as during subsequent rail operations of the Brenner Base Tunnel, the ventilation shaft at the community of Patsch together with the ventilation cavern will serve to supply fresh air to the tunnel system in the vicinity of Innsbruck extending halfway along the route to Wolf and to remove spent air from this section. The 180 m deep shaft with 5.80 m diameter leads perpendicularly from the surface down to the Ahrental access tunnel. As from a depth of roughly 20 m the shaft was produced downwards from the top by means of drill + blast and lined with...

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1 Basic concept The Brenner Base Tunnel is a nearly horizontal rail tunnel with 2 parallel tubes. The tunnel runs for 55 km between the railway stations of Innsbruck and Fortezza and is connected...


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