Custom Timber Formwork for the Feuerbach Tunnel

The Tunnel Feuerbach project between Stuttgart‘s main railway station and the Feuerbach station, which was commissioned at a cost of around 187 million euros, has been completed. The breakthrough of the 3 km long tunnel in June 2020 was followed by the complex and innovatively designed inner lining of the tunnels and the branching structure near Feuerbach station. Complex because the tunnels taper conically before reaching the station and the formwork had to be continuously adapted to the changing geometry. And innovative because the tunnel runs through large areas of anhydrite rock, which swells on contact with water and builds up enormous pressure. As a preventive measure, the tunnel lining and reinforcement were therefore strengthened accordingly. Previously, this tunnel through anhydrite was considered too much of a technical challenge; the massive formwork as well as reinforcement levels and the placement of concrete with a necessary thickness of up to 1.2 m were not considered feasible.

However, the three companies Baresel Tunnelbau GmbH, Kunz Untertagebau GmbH and Bertschinger Bau GmbH, organised in a consortium, completed the Feuerbach Tunnel in spring 2022. All customised formwork, including assembly and supervision, was provided by the company Huber & Sohn from Bachmehring (Eiselfing) in Bavaria, Germany. The project and site managers of Baresel Tunnelbau, Johann Bachsleiter and Lars Preiß, as well as the site managers for the inner shell concrete at the August Reiners company had agreed on this.

The Huber & Sohn formwork team, headed by Günther Pilger, constructed all the...

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