Decision Model for Furnishing Tunnels with safety technical Systems

Part 1: General Conditions for Transportation Tunnels

Determining the furnishing of a transportation tunnel involves manifold decisions under differing premises during the planning phase. This includes the valid regulations and the resultant minimal safety requirements, assuring disturbance-free normal operation, issues relating to the life cycle costs for the structure, structural safety considerations, network availability and different operator models. Every tunnel is essentially unique, however – findings obtained from other projects can only be applied in part. At the same time a specific “decision-reaching culture” can be observed. This 2-part report and an example reveal which aspects generally play a part for tunnels in conjunction with selecting safety technical systems, how these can be assessed and evaluated by expert opinion and how it is possible to arrive at plausible and transparent decisions.


Determining the furnishing of a transportation tunnel involves manifold decisions under differing premises during the planning phase. This primarily relates to the regulations drawn up by the carrier and the resultant implications regarding minimal safety requirements (structural and operational) as well as the guarantee that normal operation can function as smoothly as possible. However, in addition, an increasing number of issues with regard to the operating and maintenance costs for the structure throughout its life cycle crop up, rounded off by considerations relating to...

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