Brugg Contec

EMPA long-term Load Test for Synthetic Reinforcement Fibers

The durability of synthetic fibers in aggressive environments is often questioned. A long-term test undertaken by the Swiss material tes­ting and research institute (EMPA) as part of a KTI project (KTI 10652.1 PFIW-IW) has been able to disprove this assumption for the two-component high-performance fibers from the Swiss manufacturer Brugg Contec.

Test Arrangement

The tests were carried out with two different types of concrete (shotcrete mix and in-situ concrete mix). Different quantities of the Concrix fibers (0.5 % vol. = 4.55 kg/m3 and 1 % vol. = 9 kg/m3) were added to each type of concrete...

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